Johnathan Nightingale (johnath) wrote,

Why don't people want free money?

I am continually amazed at how hard it is to convince people to take free money. I mean, I understand that a certain skepticism is healthy, that in fact if you simply knee-jerk reject any good-sounding offer then you are less likely to get conned in life. Fine, but you also miss out on some decidedly nice little opportunities if you don't at least think before rejecting. I've got like, $500 in free money and a free xbox either in my hand or on the way, and the whole thing took about 6 hours spread across a couple otherwise uneventful evenings.

In a paragraph then, the deal is: online casinos are in a state of cutthroat competition for eyeballs, so they offer huge bonuses, like $200 bonus when you deposit $200. The catch is that you are forced to play a certain amount of casino gaming to "unlock" the bonus, and while casino games are normally a no-brainer money-loser, this is not the case when you're playing with $200 of their money. Indeed, if you play optimal blackjack (for which a chart is freely available), you stand to complete the requirements and cash out your original $200, plus somewhere between $120-$250 in bonus, depending on how your cards came down. Even more, I've offered to guarantee people their original $200 when they sign up through me since I get an affiliate kickback -- so there is officially zero risk, and about 3 hours invested, and STILL it's like pulling teeth to convince friends to take free money.

Very very strange, I tells ya. If anyone wants free money, email me or reply and I'll happily send deets, the whole situation is just so odd.
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