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Moving sale, everything must go!

Because ownership and configurability are the milk in my cornflakes, my blog is moving to its own site, to become one with the rest of my web persona. And yes, there are actually posts there. Well, post. Please direct future inquiries to:

Hugs and Kisses, and of course I'll still be reading my friends page


PS - For those who refuse to leave their LJ friends page, I'm told that this will replicate my presence:

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Hmm. Meme, you say.

See the thing with LJ memes is, I generally don't partake. I am not trying to be a sourpuss or anything, I just know in my heart of hearts that that way lies madness, since they are a) designed to self-propagate, b) infinite in supply. By definition then, they are agents of our own demise; an unending viral cycle which, once entered into, inescapably consumes its hosts like some brain-specific ebola variant. So when I choose then to stand up and say, "No. Not this man. This line shall not be crossed." it is not out of disdain for those already afflicted so much as it is my attempt at unselfish defense of humankind. Having said all of that though, I got tapped for this one twice, so what's a boy to do? I compromise as follows: I will comply, rend myself asunder that the germ might enter and infuse my unguarded mind, but I will name as victims only those already tapped by others. We can be like a leper colony, immune to eachother but isolated from the greater masses for their own protection.

List 5 reasons why you are a dork. And make them good reasons. Justify them. Explain them. Be loud and proud about how big of a dork you are! Then pick the 5 biggest dorks you know and have them do the meme.

  • I recently finished a project in the garage involving the gross disassembly and butchery of a common household toaster. I used Dremel cutting wheels to cut the metal. I de-soldered and re-soldered. I converted the electronics to run off a 9V battery. I cut, sanded, stained and poly'd a wooden casing for the new frankenstein apparatus. I documented my progress assiduously, and now I've written a magazine article to describe the process. I did all this so that the machine would make my tea for me. And it does.

  • I read with great aplomb and usually have several books on the go. Not dorky enough, you say? Some of the more recent titles then: Freakonomics, A Theory of Fun, Sibley's Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America and The Secret Life of Lobsters.

  • I just finished a 5 day course through work titled "Ethical Hacking and Advanced Penetration Testing." By day 3 I was co-teaching it.

  • To my left when I sit in the office is the "Tech books" bookshelf -- 4 shelves of tech books and text books. That's not the geeky part. On top of that shelf are a basically random assortment of things that required a place to rest. They include, in no particular order: A Brother label maker, a Garmin eTrex Legend handheld GPS unit with data cable, an 8-bulb LED flashlight with the new Luxeon super-bright white LEDs, a pair of 2-way GMRS radios on their charger, a homemade cutaway-view Schlage lock cylinder (with mushroom pins!) and my set of homemade lockpicks and torsion wrenches. To my right is the clock, which has the numbers printed in the opposite order, and runs in reverse.

  • I can't write a 5th one right now, because I have to go watch MythBusters

As promised, I hereby tag only: heathen, smallstar, serennig and kelayrel
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Two things

Thing the First

How many people here RSS aggregate? I've been thinking for a while that my blog should live on, and be movable type or something else equally fun to tinker with, instead of LJ. However I recognize that to whatever extent I write in here to reach friends instead of just record thoughts for my own re-reading, that purpose will not be served if I take my journal off into the wide open web. UNLESS, that is, my friends are all grooving on the RSS tip, in which case those who care can just agg. me and problem solved.

Thing the Second (and far more important)

DJ Format -- pretty cool guy, and hangs with other cool guys and produces cool stuff. But by FAR the coolest is this independently-made music video -- DDR fans in particular take note. This is just awesome stuff in general though, I must share it on the off chance someone here has not seen it:

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    DJ Format - 3 Feet Deep
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Why don't people want free money?

I am continually amazed at how hard it is to convince people to take free money. I mean, I understand that a certain skepticism is healthy, that in fact if you simply knee-jerk reject any good-sounding offer then you are less likely to get conned in life. Fine, but you also miss out on some decidedly nice little opportunities if you don't at least think before rejecting. I've got like, $500 in free money and a free xbox either in my hand or on the way, and the whole thing took about 6 hours spread across a couple otherwise uneventful evenings.

In a paragraph then, the deal is: online casinos are in a state of cutthroat competition for eyeballs, so they offer huge bonuses, like $200 bonus when you deposit $200. The catch is that you are forced to play a certain amount of casino gaming to "unlock" the bonus, and while casino games are normally a no-brainer money-loser, this is not the case when you're playing with $200 of their money. Indeed, if you play optimal blackjack (for which a chart is freely available), you stand to complete the requirements and cash out your original $200, plus somewhere between $120-$250 in bonus, depending on how your cards came down. Even more, I've offered to guarantee people their original $200 when they sign up through me since I get an affiliate kickback -- so there is officially zero risk, and about 3 hours invested, and STILL it's like pulling teeth to convince friends to take free money.

Very very strange, I tells ya. If anyone wants free money, email me or reply and I'll happily send deets, the whole situation is just so odd.
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Home again

We're back and everything's fine -- here's a minor-edit version of the note I sent the family when we got back.

-- SNIP --
So we are back home and Amy is resting in bed.

Dr. Pham came out to talk to me just after 10 to say that everything went as planned and Amy is now exactly one gallbladder lighter. No complications, laparascopic, hoorah. You can't visit recovery at Peel Memorial/William Osler so I was told it would be an hour before she was wheeled into the day surgery beds. In actual fact, an hour become 3 because day surgery was backed up and because they weren't in any particular rush to boot people out the door anyhow.

They paged me just before 1 to come see her, and she was already awake, though pretty sleepy. She was not foggy or anything though, she was aware and everything, just tired. Them Lush/Nightingale women can handle their general anesthetic! The nurses wrote up her paperwork, kept her on IV fluids to get her blood volume back up, and basically just waited until her blood pressure was back to normal and her dizzyness went away -- both of which, I was repeatedly assured, are perfectly normal side effects from her surgery.

She's a trooper -- walked up the stairs at home all by her lonesome, got in the door, and found gift baskets from family -- sneaky! She's opened those in bed and is now alternating between napping and grape juice. She sends her thanks to everyone and says she'll talk to you herself once she's slept off a little more of the anesthetic. Doc says she should be back on solid food tomorrow and she reports that her stomach feels fine, stability-wise so it's pizza and chicken wings for breakfast tomorrow (kidding. Honestly people, what do you think of me? :)

Hope the suspense didn't damage anyone, and thanks everyone for their kind words and thoughts.

-- END SNIP --